Tag: heartbreak

by JulyM
If the world only knew the way I feel about you They would all be in love again With the mere idea of love. And if the world only knew Just how much it hurts Just how much you hurt They would never dare To fall in love. But what can I do, If all I can think about is you And how can I run away From that look on your face And what do I do When you kill me from inside And how do I try to avoid it If it is for you that I live And how do I not hate myself For not hating you Truth is you hurt me But you’re my reason to live for.
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by Blob
Breathing the smoke of your deception Defiled my soul with filthy black Slowly melting off my bones And out of your mind A lifelong connection That's but a lump of tangled hair Smouldering too quietly to notice Rooted too deply in the soil of lies I scream into the silence My voice blending seamlessly Into the stagnant air Never to be heard again Lies sprouting from your fingertips Lips carefully shut Never to be heard again And you will never forget her The luckiest guy in the world.
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