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I want to die.
by Sharkmanfish
I dont wanna go on I just cant, I just cant No one listens nor cares. I say "I wanna kill myself."  My reply is "Then do it." I feel broken Like a clock that doesnt ring. No I'm not special Im truly not I try to fight the urge To stay strong. Some try to help me It does not work for me. For it makes me feel like someone elses problem So I try not to speak Yet everynight,  I cry myself to sleep.
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by yagalreflects
I don't want to hate myself, cut myself and bleed, but feeling hot red rushing through, fills me with such need. the need to slice in 'liar', 'fraud', blade plunged to the hilt, anything to hurt myself, and rectify this guilt. They say it's ok to be sad, (for the first year or so), but when it is your default state, their strain begins to show. I'm sorry mom, i am this way, i'm sorry i'm no good, at loving this here child of yours, don't think i ever could. So if i am to die some day, by this, your daughter's hand, know i loved you very much, it's me that i can't stand.
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by SirenSong
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