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About Me and My Poetry

My Name Is Javon Enspeare. I'm 21 Years Old, Born And Raised In Las Vegas,NV. Im A Poet, I'm A Songwriter, Im A Actor, Im A Rapper, Im A Model, Im A Father To Be. I Been Writing Since I Was 14, I Had Rough Life Just Like Alot Of Ppl In This World. It Comes Natural To Me I Can Be In The Middle Of Work And Out Of Nowhere In My Head There's A Beat, Or A Rhyme, Or A Poem, Or A Song. I Just Think I Can Change The Worl With All My Talents Cause Its My Voice And It Will Be Heard. I Will Never Let Anyone Go Through The Things I Went Through I Will Do Whatever To Keep That From Happening.

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About My Poem

Looking down towards the floor
Thinking “their goes my happiness again”
This pain attacking from the core
Seems every choice I make is wrong, I cant win
Lies tangled together like a room full of cords
Like a man is a player but  a girl is a whore
Like all men cheat but maury still saying “you are not the father”
Everything I thought was good is bad, so why bother
What kind of world was i born into
A place where lies live like their truth
Looking but do not know what to see
Do I even have real beliefs?
What to believe in!?......
To believe in!……
What to believe in!?
How am I suppose to move on
What the f*ck is going on
If funerals suppose to celebrate life, why I see tears?
Im suppose to be happy, but cant help to wish they were here
How can I prevent death, when I cant stop accidents
Starting to see a lot of things do not make sense
How come adults did not prepare me for this
They been feeding me crap now I feel like sh*t
My thoughts and memories must be connected to my emotions
My feelings are usually close but my past left it open
Trying to the best person I can be
Seems as though its not good enough coming from me
Who the hell is this person im suppose to be?
Where is this path im suppose to be on?
The hell happen to family that was suppose to help me
I just want to be happy till the day im dead and gone……..’
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There is someone i can't get out my head
If looks could kill i would be dead
Every glance i get of you i become speechless 
... continued
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This a story about a girl
who feels alone in the world
she has memories about her past
... continued
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baby let the ink from my heart write 
the chapters of our love, and how your smile is bright 
your eyes so beautiful, how can love be blind 
when I'm staring at the reason for my existence 
i don't care about minutes or hours cause this is until the end of time 
I'm happy i met you i don't care about where you was sent 
let my soul perform this poem for you 
in front of the audience of my mind  
so you know every word i say is true 
when I'm finish, kudos and snaps cause forever your mine 
let my outside perform the act of how i feel inside 
just like my ink this story has no end 
don't worry, let me stop your cries 
let my heart be your poet, and never feel pain again 
cant express this feeling from just a kiss or hug 
so sit back and listen this is a poem for love
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wait who is that down the hallway?
no.... its her what do i say?
im not the same guy i was then
... continued
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In your eyes im just a poet with a pen
Another rapper bragging about his sins
Or just another pretty face without a brain
... continued
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Love is universal, effects are the same no difference
But the way we find love is different
The day that we are born magics finds our heart
... continued
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Walk in the party looking side to side
Everyone from school waving and saying hi 
Just people laughing and dancing as i walk by
... continued
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You already know what kind of man i am
Lets create magic no special effects, no cam
But I need your permission, if your ready take my hand
... continued
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Hey journal its me
I need you to listen let me speak
Today was my little brothers birthday
... continued
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