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About Me and My Poetry

Been wring poems since 2008 on the old poetry.com. My poetry can be found here in search of my name in prior to 2012 poems. I claim them all as Trinette Johnson! I am a 37 year old SSBBW from Cincy,Ohio. I have schizophrenia and hear voices. It's very hard to get what I hear on paper!

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They call me Discord goddess to distruction
I can kill with my total seduction
Chaos is my every game
Evilchild is my middle name
I am good and keeping my scores
Make old wounds hurt like old sores
Promise everything will be filled with lies
A night with me in the morning you'll be dead what a surprise
Don't look at me like you don't know me
Your suffering always makes me so d*mn happy
They call me Discord lover of pain
Yes I was born to thunder and rain
Don't know wrong from right
Always loved to pick a fight
What's your name and what's your reward?
Mines suffering and pain cause I am Discord!

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Every moment is a hard struggle
To improve to impress
It burns your muscles and cracks bones
... continued
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Always been a strange child
Free but always running wild
Running wild
But now I am grown
There's noone like me here
I am still alone
On my own
Tears are my only friend
Flying away I swing
Still I watch for that end
Always was a strange child
A strange child
Can't you leave me be
Searching for another
But noones out there like me
People pull away
Am I really jilted
Hear the words I say

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Like it like I love my men
Sweet and tan
Smooth and rich
Ever desired
Like you but not him
Like us in between the sheets joined at the earth's roots
Well now he likes his coffee the same
Guess I need to lay off the cream.

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Nappy was a brown boy with all the ladies
Happy was a white girl with all the guys
They had a love jones,had a child and it's name?
Hope for the futre to be
Two nations...
one PROUD identity!

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I get so sick when I don't feed
lust and greed deep
Here feeling so weak....
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When I was young I couldn't wait to get on it
To sit there and see the world from a new view
You've made my life like that,
I feel dizzy and confused and in a daze just by seeing your photos
Every step I take I think of you.
Oh how I remember the days with you on the ferris wheel,
the up and down
Like when we made love the first time.
My life with you will always be a staple of time and joy.
The up an down,the slow wind.

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At times I want to fly,
but I weigh a ton
To dance and praise the lord like a nun
... continued
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Don't look to the heavens
Don't look in the closet or underneath your bed
No need to go to your church and stare at the class
... continued
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Who is in my head?
Strange men keep cat-callin' me out
I hate how it feels!
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