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I am a Italian Cherokee African American poet Vicentino Mason Italy I studied Munich Salzburg Augsburg Germany Mc Graw Kaserne USAF United States Armed Forces The Department of Defense creative writing fine art poetry literature folktale classic folklore writing short stories children books I also studied theology the study of saints of the Catholic Church Christian writing lyric's hymn's for The Believer's for Jesus Academy of American Poets also Poetry Soup of Marietta Georgia New Jersey writer's poet's slam of Chicago Poetry meet ups of Baghdad Iraq 1999 I begin summiting poems on poetry.com encouraged Montel Williams poetry contest for MS. survivors inspired by little 'Mattie' Stepanek the 7 year old disabled poet fighting for his life I was given commendations awarded best poet 5 years in a row completed 4 anthologies of poems recently Ernest Hemmingway home Key West Fl. Robert Frost poetry contest ....

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Fondly i am mesmerized by the hints of blue dazzling the coastal shores raising the tides splashing against the nape of my back a shivering wetness exposing diamond tear drops upon my ruby red lips embracing indian summers eclipse I'm taken by your tenderness capturing my heart into a solitude of willingness moving my emotions forward in spite my distant hesitant to savor this mere feeling leaving so abruptly leading me into a sudden state of loneliness i do not believe my mind could survive such a quickened memory forever lost at sea balanced by natures meaningful yet cunning eyes blinded by tainted bliss ravishingly felt by a simple kiss

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may the angels rise up to meet you

while the sparrow gather the wind
... continued
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when you are being illegally wire tapped
don't panic go along with the conversation
for awhile be one with the fake conversation
just to get them comfortable while they adjust

the ear pieces this could cause a bit of anxiety
but don't fret move the conversation by using
a bit of profanity even if it's not your norm trust me
descent fbi agents are usually mormons this

usually basically drives them crazy giving the wire
to someone else more religiously insensitive now you
got a real perverted agent on tap you go for it describe
desire lust before long you got a very embarrassed

agent face full of redness flushed passion just cannot
hide thee arousal exposing the operation again don't panic
relax press A.l.i.c.i.a causing the call to be immediately
interrupted signal failed access denied fakes her death hide

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I do believe that

it is rather unfortunate

that we as a people

haven't yet learned

to disagree without


being violently


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There are times i have a certain remembrance nothing special only your fist pounding into my stomach the doubling over kicks in my back your sweaty hand over my mouth so i wouldn't awaken the neighbors the taking closet doors off the hinges nailing them up to the window making it seem 11pm even in the daytime seven days held captive tied to a chair unable to even breast feed my baby who would have thought i was same lady on front page news pulling a wagon it read Milwaukee is becoming a lot safer we're seeing a young mother enjoys a day at the park with her children wow how my eyes squinted at the day light confused dazed as the mail man knocked on the door i ran so fast to the catholic church on the corner interrupting a funeral procession as you yelled screamed across the street still waving that k force army knife you said you had a surprise for me i remember it was my birthday i sat there on the church steps i knew i had to go through with the restraining order i didn't like what our American family had become as i walked through the revolving doors to the court house a man darts past stabbing his wife over 37 times i shook with fear stopping at a pay phone to call home that's when i noticed Charles Barkley NBA leaving his limo i'd never seen a man's shoe that big or hands that big i was a fan but on this day Charles was just a man i remember feeling so misplaced the children asked mom why did you ask for his autograph i responded because he didn't ask for mine sweetie

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It had to end i mean when i was loving you i wasn't loving myself i felt overwhelmed supporting you listening to all those horrible jokes the covering for you everytime you bragged about all the heroic stunts in the army you know full well never happened how you saved the day not one medal please another thing those dreaded cigarette butts you extinguished in my cactus plants the smell of tobacco everytime i took a bubble bath i don't miss that thank god i never got cancer from the second hand me downs of you dragging repeatedly blowing circles from your musty mouth Mr. Marlboro Newport Winston Lucky Stripes jaw dropping Montecristo calm smooth and Kool wow so much has changed since i left you i see through the fog now i even heard the cardinals singing on my bird feeder imagine life without me find yourself who ever the hell you are okay bye

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so you're at it again creating small wars executions
violent protest leaving signature logo on license plates

or currency do you have change for dollar exposing
illuminati passing hate rather white black blue or brown

the face behind the killer is always yours GVF 1111 gang
related badges behind the scenes behind the computer

screens monitors luring preying recruiting loading pointing
criminal insane minds into an unsuspecting crowd now for

the debriefing removing data down loading flash drives
aborting terminating finally press conference signal lost

societies worse nightmare Adolph Hitler followers merging
with Larry Hoovers political suits lockdown on the streets

... continued
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I shall never forget the faces hatred
the sound of hatred the blank stares
the calmness right before the blast
capturing the rapture reliving the past
I need you to know I saw you kill me
I am Fred Hampton

chairman fred never forgotten
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I am a revolutionary sounded inside my tiny ears
as I was abruptly removed from first grade class
it was very hazy day in Chicago officer friendly had
just visited our class room the topic drugs violent
I remember feeling overwhelmed with a calming fear
I was taken to a black sedan parked sirens roared
four armed me including the driver you're ok baby doll
we pulled up to a church honestly it felt like a funeral
give me your coat baby I was taken to a very long cellar
breakfast was being served the men were having

a speakeasy the topic was jay edgar hoovers government
plot to flood the African American community with
very cheap affordable narcotics drugs predicting
thee vast extinction of afro American targeting women
and children my tiny ears absorbing such devastation
right after martin was killed what was to follow by 1984
African Americans would be no more pamphlet what
to do if you've been poisoned or if some one you love
was over dosing my little mind had a great earnest
love for the people meaning all people my family were

very excited my 1st grade class was invited to go to
Abrahams Lincolns home to sing Marian Andersons
hymns a non violent peaceful quiet calming protest
by presence and song I sang so loud for peace equality
perhaps it was right then I was being selected chosen
if you will to wear wires pregnant for the fbi bring down
giant drug dealers dirty cops selling drugs to pregnant
women unshakable fate the fbi told me I had no choice
otherwise my kids would be murdered by an arsonist a
very violent mass arson murderer torches Afro Americans

alive living in his slumming buildings doing odd jobs working
in his auto shops the Chicago fbi warned me my husband had been
hired to light the blaze for this arsonist of course I was afraid
all those things but in the back of my mind giving back
some how saving lives preventing the extinction of thee
afro American communities buy busting the dealers simply
going after the corruption corrupt officers in 1969 they were
called the pigs was I selected by the fbi in 1st grade was I
to be assassinated like Fred Hampton I wore the wires on
my pregnant body years past I contacted the fbi unaware

my identity was now exposed an assassin terrorist group
female violent offenders pointing glocks at my children
and I by gods grace the gun man was killed 8-14-2003
1211 saint royal place shocking as Fred Hamptons
signature assassins in America the fbi did arrive
special agent paula brand demanding I allow a violent
offenders corrupt officers nieces car bomber to impersonate
me truly exposing my mother to terrorist aiding these killers
in slowly becoming me in order to clone my identity to erase
the scars erase the damages done from fbi agents wiring

my womb this led to a car bomb exploding my skull fbi
aiding thee embezzlement of my personal injury claim
funding terror violence in America and abroad fate my
death was plotted in first grade personal threats on my life
by Paula Brand gang taskforce this is your last chance
shut up Catrina bell is you Jay Townsend Johnson is you
my favorite you're dead the Chicago fbi was trying to erase
me from that peaceful civil rights protest in song march 1969
by replacing me with my attackers who read parts of my hand
written autobiography which is why I contacted the fbi my life

threatened home invasions passports id's immunizations of my
children stolen my assassin was killed at my feet devastated yes
completely devastated persons of power could actually plot
to murder informants an their children I'm deeply saddened
by this severe act of conscious injustice i risked my life i was
injured i became very ill as a result of wearing wires on my womb
keeping this secret from family friends co workers holding this
horrid act against a fetus it shattered me hiding pain grief fear
self medicating until i finally emotionally mentally spiritually
snapped into however today I shall embrace love my love
for the people remembering Fred Hampton born 8-30-1948
shot 99 times 12-4-1969 by the fbi corrupt officers as he lay
sleep with his pregnant wife I was selected to die on that hazy
day by fbi agents taking bribes payoffs from an arson murderer
I am just me my eye's are on the sparrow I am somebody
I am a revolutionary

... continued
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I imagine my fate you've come a long way baby
Virginia slims cola a cola signs white only days

today we embrace a man entering the men's room
walking out a woman throwing the dice a lady enters

the ladies room standing up to take a wiz where are we
in America still fascinatingly afraid fearful of little brown me

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