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When I first met you;
I could see the stars glistening in your green eyes;
It's as if my heart stood still for a moment in time as I became mesmerized;
... continued
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Anniversary of the first touch;
... continued
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Pleasure without pain;
Gain without loss;
Love with no restraint;
... continued
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The Will to Power (theory of Frederick Nietzsche) (poem written by me)

Human beings fight and scrape to impose their will to power
Instanteously upon entering the world through birth;
Declaring their entrance the ultimate hour;
They demand to dominate the earth.

Visible in but a mere babe;
Revealed in an infant's wailing cries;
For the pleasures of getting their way;
When vying for their mother's time.

Apparent in a toddler's rage;
When fighting for a cookie or toy;
In the violence they engage;
Whether it's girl or boy.

No means they won't employ;
They will kick, scream and fight;
For a momentary treat or joy;
Even will pull hair and bite.

And as they grow with age;
Some things stay the same;
Their methods are just as dangerous;
They play to win the game.

Who can get the biggest slice of pie?;
Or the cutest date for the prom;
They will even tell a lie;
Or steal from their Mom.

Then they graduate and join the rat race;
Where there are bigger and better prizes;
The lure of fortune and fame;
The masses it entices.

Fancy cars and lovely houses;
Bigger and better play things;
Human will this espouses;
In silver and gold bling blings.

Moving on to even more harmful deeds;
They pilgrimage and rape the land;
For money and greed commit atrocities;
Acts of war at the hands of man.

Humans say, "Me, me, me".
From birth unto death;
The planet is here to fulfil my destiny;
For this I will never rest.

I witnessed all this in child's play;
The violence of a human being;
Is as clear to me as day;
And as natural as breathing.

Author: Rozabel Langford
Written: Feb. 22, 2017

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The politics of contention;
Too confusing to mask;
A full comprehension;
... continued
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Willingly comes to a man a woman humbly on her knees;
Who says, May I serve you Master if you please;
Tell me do you accept this gift I impart?
Do you accept this gift of my heart?

I promise to choose each and every day;
To love and serve you in every way;
My only desire to please you in full;
To accept your authority over me to rule.

Your happiness my chief aim;
Your joy and mine are the same;
I'd die rather than incur your wrath;
Or to stray from your earthly path.

She whispers of her love in his ear;
And loves and serves him without fear.
He knows right or wrong she has his back;
He makes sure she knows no lack.

He knows her love is a treasure;
And he loves her beyond measure;
Never inflicts upon her any shame;
For he and her are one and same.

She adores him, calls him Master or Lord,
She has plenty to give, she can afford;
The more she gives the more she has to give;
To make him happy, this is why she lives.

The gift she gives is also the gift she receives;
Submissive love is what she believes;
To be perfect love to express;
Nothing more, nothing less.

To anticipate and fulfil his every need;
She gives herself to him completely;
To own and prize and hold so dear;
To care and protect and keep her near.

Submissive love; It's beautiful and rare;
Raw and naked with all to bare;
In which the reward to the giver is within the gift imbibed;
Her Master's name on her heart inscribed.

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It is said that love does not hurt;
That rejection, abuse, and cheating are the cause of pain;
But love is hard work;
And makes you feel insane.

I'm here to tell you real love hurts often;
Because it requires sacrifice;
A giving up of self to soften;
Hardened hearts of ice.

Angry voices insist on their own way;
Someone has to give in or give up;
Or compromise to stay;
In a happy, healthy love.

You cannot expect love without some rain;
But you can look for the rainbow;
You cannot expect joy without some pain;
But you can create a high for every low.

Love is a merry go round of ups and downs;
Your head may spin forever more;
True love knows no bounds;
And will shake you to the core.

It's a lie that love doesn't hurt;
Many tears you will cry;
For love's true worth;
Is measured by the size of your sacrifice.

Author: Rozabel K Langford
Written: Feb. 20, 2017.

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I reach for him;
And feel him not;
I speak to him;
And hear him not;

My heart despairs for my lovers touch;
Dying to hear the voice I love so much;
Yet he is far from me;
Can he feel my misery?

Can my Master hear me;
Calling his name;
As I toss and turn fitfully;
Does he feel the same?

I wait patiently my Master's return;
Ever hopeful to live and learn;
He has come for me;
Tell me it's not a dream.

Can he hear me?
Can he feel me?
Can he see me?
Will he come to me?

I close my eyes;
How quickly time flies;
And yet stands forever still;
When there's so much time to kill.

I call his name out once more;
My heart leaps when I hear a knock on the door.
But to my sorrow, it's just a cup of sugar a neighbor come to borrow;
Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.

And I resign to return to my dreams;
Where everything is as real as it seems;
And I call his name, once, twice, three times a charm;
He comes to me and lends me his arm.

I imagine my Master can hear me calling his name out loud;
He can see me crying for him with my head bowed;
He can feel my arms open wide to receive;
His warm embrace that I desperately need.

I open my mouth to beg and plead;
Master tell me you can hear me;
Tell me you can feel me;
Tell me you can see me.

Master tell me you can hear me;
Tell me you can hear me......call your name.

Author: Rozabel K Langford.
... continued
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I'm Not Ashamed

I imagined myself to be daughter of Sarah from the good book;
... continued
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Because We Can

These two worlds face head on to collide;
But soon together evolve (dissolve) and unite.

"You and I are so different. Why do we do it?", He asks as he reaches for her hand.

She answers, "You and me, We are as different as day and night. We do it because we can."

And that's when two worlds fused to be formed;
And their new world was born.

Now they share an orbit all their own;
No longer to circle the universe alone.

Now night and day walk side by side;
Now the universe must abide;

This new creation of the heaven and earth;
A new love, a new birth of him and her.

Author: Rosabel K Langford
Written: Feb. 17, 2017

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