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My Love My Pain

Dance in my sorrow;
... continued
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Freedom in the Night

Freedom lies in the darkness of night;
Escaped away from curious prying eyes;
Truth emerges the ocean as white sailing ships;
When one is absent from the gossip of lying lips.

No banal small talk to batter my ears;
No obnoxious rants to bore me to tears;
No paranoid theories to feed my fears;
Noise polution gone my thoughts are clear.

No tedious demands of my precious time;
To prevent me from my song and rhyme;
Or the creation of my new perfume line;
The possibilities are endless when my time is mine.

Don't try to encroach on my nightowl status;
My little devil will come out like a scary apparatus.
Don't shame me and call me a vampire;
For out of the blackness comes the comet's fire.

Everyone has to wash dishes and sweep;
But let me create while others sleep;
The masterpiece of my life's ambition;
Is a new reality stranger than fiction.

Truth is found in silence;
When you can hear the crickets sing in defiance;
Don't complain about me staying up late;
I'm creating a new life with a new fate.

And there might be a jewel there;
That with you I may share;
To forever change a humdrum life;
Filled with problems and despair.

To a life of glory and wealth and love;
To gain choices like a hand gains a glove;
I dare to dream big while you sleep;
So close your eyes and don't say a peep.

Author: Rhonda K Langford
Written: 01/15/2017.

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He Makes Me Smile

I await him with sheer anticipation;
... continued
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My Sweet Nicholas

A small babe of five pounds seven ounces;
With baby fine hair of blonde;
A happy, go lucky boy bouncing;
A month early into the arms of his Mom.

Right away noticed with his sweet surprise;
He almost never cried or whimpered;
A dazzling light shined from his velvet blue eyes;
With a loving and mild temperament.

My son Nicholas was intuitive about his clan;
Always gentle to a loved one's cry;
A happy child grown into a young man;
Very intelligent and morally upright.

He's kind to hug his mother tight;
And loves all his brothers and sisters;
This son of mine is pure delight;
And is the answer to all my wishes.

My Nicholas knows how to draw fine art!
He loves to watch Japanese anime;
He has a bigTexas sized heart;
When he joins in the children's play.

His hair has since turned brown;
And he wears it shaggy and long;
And don't dare make a sound;
As he talks to his girl on his Microsoft phone.

I am so happy this son is mine;
He is gifted and he is true blue;
In this his success will he find;
Whatever he decides to do.

My sweet Nicholas always has a smile for me;
He brightens up my day with light.
I'm filled with love eternally;
For my sweet Nicholas who hugs me tight!

Author: Rhonda K Langford.
Written : Jan. 9, 2017.

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Every Flower Needs a Little Sunshine

Lost souls looking for a place to belong;
Hopelessly the streets they roam;
Looking for a place to call home;
Emptiness everywhere;
And no one to share;
While falling deep into the black hole;
There's nowhere to turn and nowhere to go.

Drowning in the bottomless abyss;
Of infinite emptiness;
Something's terribly amiss;
Under so much duress;
Weighted down with worry and stress;

Looking for a sign;
A guiding light,
A star in the night,
An angel in flight;
Or even a firefly in sight!

Anything to birth a glimmer of hope;
Before considering the rope;
For this poor battered bloke;
Wants an end to this cosmic joke.

Shallow people often overlook;
A deep flowing brook;
Choosing not to see under;
The surface scum;
They just see a bum;
They laugh and make fun;
They teach their children to run.

Rejected by society polite;
Who coldly turn the blind eye;
The homeless are villainized;
Judged to be unfit;
To live in such a world as this;
They're cast into the pit;
Where they doubt their right to exist.

Like a flower bloomed before the ice;
No one bothers to take inside;
Without sunshine it withers and dies
Deaf ears turn on muffled cries;
All the promises of freedom are just lies.
Just wanted a warm place to sleep tonight.

Discarded like a paper plate;
By a society who is irate;
There's nothing left to celebrate;
Never thought this would be his fate;
But he fears it's too late;
His health is failing and not first rate;
Its too much too contemplate.

He's too cold and tired to try;
He murmurs to himself with sigh;
Looking for answers in the sky;
"Oh, God tell me why, tell me why?"
"Maybe they are all correct;
And I am just a worthless reject;
Maimed by some irredeemable defect;
Who deserves to wither and die."
As he makes his bed on the ice.

Society forget and deny
We created this miserable life;
Refusing to bend, to lend a hand;
To help a man in need.
Instead, they watch him bleed.
They refuse to create a land of equality,
Denying the very meaning of free;
A free man isn't hungry;
Free doesn't mean off to the woods to sleep.
Free means free to dream and strive free from the encumberants of poverty and suffering.
Free to dream of all the seeds of possibility.

Society is only as strong as it's weakest member.
The next time you walk by a flower who bloomed before the ice, I hope you remember.
A flower needs a little sunshine;
Or the whole field of flowers withers and dies.
A just, strong society cares for their own;
And all its members have a place to call home!

Author: Rhonda K Langford
Written: 01/08/2017

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Homeless poem removed for alleged abuse

I'm wondering why;
In this website shared by you and I;
I write an innocent poem about the homeless plight;
And now its removed from sight.

Someone reported it abuse;
Denied my poem and did refuse;
To let my fellow poets judge themselves;
If this was a poem of heaven or hell.

There was no language foul
So I am wondering how;
This lovely poem I shared;
Is erased my account, who dared?

I am quite mad;
I want my poem brought back!;
There was nothing profane;
Hey this isn't a game!

Why why why?
I did not tell a lie!;
Someone could not the truth bare;
Of this poem I wrote to share!

So was it you?
Who turned my heart blue?
On this cold night of winter too?;
I don't love you anymore, we're through!

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Lost souls looking for a home;
Looking for a place to belong;
Emptiness everywhere!
... continued
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Oh Universe Save Me

Oh Universe wearily I plead;
On my behalf please intervene;
Vanquish my enemies far and near;
Let them run trembling with fear.

Render me untouchable against their violence;
Close their mouths against me in silence;
Make me invincible of their devices;
Cut them down to their proper sizes.

Give me back my life they took;
They are nothing but a vulgar crook;
Fill their empty hearts with regret;
For all the evil against me they begat.

I shewed them mercy all along;
They were weak and I was strong;
Now I suffer day and night;
For my kindness they took my life.

Now I'm losing strength to fight;
Oh universe please make this right.
Give me back all that's mine;
Let my opposers not victory find.

Let the power of good overrule;
Any power of darkness and their tool;
Any formed against me wicked plans;
Remove the weapon from their bloody hands.

Let goodness for my life prevail;
Send my enemies straight to jail; (hell)
Oh universe I pleade with thee;
To render my enemies powerless against me.

Save me before I will surely die;
As I grow weaker each day and night;
Destroy them with thine own might;
As I have lost the will to fight.

Oh Universe save me!
All my enemies hate me;
Oh Universe save me!;
Don't let my enemies slay me;
Oh Universe save me!;
Save the life that you gave me;
Oh Universe save me!
Oh Universe save meee!....

Author: Rhonda K Langford
Written: Jan. 6, 2017.

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A kiss given twice
A death and a life
A vision of blackness
And a blinding white light.

She had so much left;
Her presence was a gift;
Her departure my pain;
A neverending rift.

A premonition in my soul!
Why did I need to know;
Forever would end that day;
In a river of her blood flow.

Just myself a child;
My aunt was a flower wild;
To be scattered in the breeze;
And drift (across) the many seas.

Author: Rhonda K Langford.
Written: 01/04/2017
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Home Among the Trees

Cast away, forgotten and forlorn;
Oh how I lament the day I was born;
Ostracized by those my own;
There's no place where I belong.

Abandoned and betrayed by those I love;
Hated by a world I am not a part of;
They destroyed me for a prize.
Now tears flow from my eyes.

No one remains loyal or true to me;
I've given them every chance;
They circle like vultures and seize;
Upon me at a bad circumstance.

It seems I am always just a pawn;
In their way of getting what they want;
And they want what I have reaped;
From the planting of my seeds.

I didn't fight the way others would;
Thinking it unbecoming of a lady of virtue;
To engage in anything but graces good;
Of the golden rule and love and truth.

They took advantage of my refusal;
To draw my sword and fight;
They continue with false accusal;
And attack in the dark of night.

For now I'm all alone;
I've lost everything and everyone;
I have no place to call home;
I think my life is done.

I think I must retreat;
To make a home among the trees;
The solace of the woods will comfort me;
And hide me from my enemies.

Let the trees become my shield;
And the pine straw become my bed;
In the hut that I will build;
By the vines I will be fed.

The birds will make music for me;
While in contentment will I dance;
And I will sing a song as I'm swinging;
Like Tarzan from a branch.

This will be my new life in the woods;
The forest animals will be my friends;
Like Snow White I'll sleep good;
While awaiting the awakening kiss of my Prince.

Author:Rhonda K Langford
Written: January 4, 2017.

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