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Date Written: October 5, 2017

It keeps going
And going
And going
And going.
Until it slows down to a crawl,
Seemingly stopping just to spite us
As we wait in anticipation.
But the time ticks by,
It keeps going
And going
And going
And going.
Faster and faster,
So fast that no matter how much
We try to slow it down, no matter how 
Much we want a moment to be endless,
It keeps going
And going
And going
And going. 
We tend to view time as an enemy
On an endless march against us,
Withering us down farther and farther
Until you are at the end of yourself. 
In reality, time is one of our greatest allies
And comforter.
Because no matter how broken things seem to be,
No matter how hopeless,
How tragic,
How incomprehensibly painful,
Time keeps going forward.
Not dragging us towards the inevitable,
But carrying us towards the finish line.

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