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If It’s You

Date Written: September 29, 2017

Happiness comes and goes,
Tying me down into a blissful memory.
You and me watching the sun rise up,
Or staring at the blanket of darkness cover the sky with lights.
Slowly our hands were meeting each other, 
Greetings of love from the skies above.
I wanted to hold you tight,
Yet you want to push me back.
Maybe this is just all a twisted joke!
No matter how close our distance,
Our Love stays far and distant.
If it's you I'm willing to wait for decades,
Even though my life ends today.
And you're feelings fade away,
In my heart, You're all I need.
I love you , Goodbye.

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No image IF IT’S YOU Happiness comes and goes,Tying me down into a blissful memory.You…
by Althea Valerie Yu
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