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Aging 101 The Baker’s Dozen

Date Written: September 20, 2017

Aging 101, The Baker’s Dozen©

What I would tell someone young about the topic
In those moments of philanthropic

Number one would be
It will happen to you automatically you’ll see

Number two would have me say
Live life day to day it will happen anyway

Number three without a doubt
Enjoy each day with glee and feel free to shout it out

Number four is a golden rule
Stay in school and don’t be a fool

Number five you cannot skip
Sorrows will come and go though sometimes they are just a blip

Number six is all about trips
I mean those far and wide, not the kind that can end up in ticks

Number seven for those that care
Live long and prosper and always share

Number eight don’t hesitate
To see outside the box and co-create

Number nine if you have time
Leave a legacy that will shine

Number 10 to remember
Take family and friends alongside for the ride

Number 11 on your way to heaven
Express gratitude at every interlude

Number 12 will help you delve into the unknown
It is remembering that you are not alone

Number 13 is a must and goes beyond lust
It is to love till dust to dust

Andreas Simic©

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