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At Sea

Date Written: September 22, 2017

At Sea©

The start of an ocean voyage starts like life; fresh and new
And best served with a coffee brew

The shoreline disappearing from view and star bright
Replacing the street lights fading fast into the night

The seas are calm in that cove as you leave a safe haven
Moving past that beacon with an escort from a raven

The seagulls fly overhead their wings spread wide to catch the breeze
And the shrill of their screech fills the air as they escort you out to somewhere

Soon you are alone at sea, no shoreline indicating fellow humanity
here is comfort and a strange sense of calm and serenity

But as time passes and the storms move in
Rough seas are almost a sure thing as we venture far and wide

The waves pound the sides of our boat and
Swales high and low remind us we are quite remote

There is no way to swim to shore and it is a long way to the ocean floor
So we say a prayer for all on board and some for others we know

Our thoughts turn to those back ashore, family friends, and others dear
And through it all there is hope and that we are not just being a dope for being on a boat

As quickly as it came with gale force winds; tranquility returns
And the smell of ocean air fills our lungs without a care

Maybe getting somewhere is worth the wait
And maybe we shouldn’t hesitate to make that journey far and wide

Instead of cowering inside and avoiding the ride
And then it is there for all to see, land ho I say with such glee

Safe harbour has returned to me©

2 comments on “At Sea”

  1. sunburned     September 22, 2017

    Good scenario

  2. Andreas Simic     September 25, 2017

    I like being on or near water despite multiple times where I almost drown,
    strange or what.

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