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She is the Flower Amongs the Flowers

Date Written: September 2, 2017

She is the Flower Amongst the Flowers©

Like her fellow kind she is graceful as her petals reach for the morning sunlight
Soft and gentle in the cool morning breeze she sways
In that moment there is calmness that belies her truth

For she sheds the morning dew drops like the tears of someone you hold dear
Her long slender neck carries the heavy load which grows with time and maturity
If she had lips one would need to be cautious for she is laced with thorns

Thorns that can stab you whether wittingly or unwittingly and make you bleed
The cuts sharp and piercing and not something to be taken lightly
They will leave you in pain like a heart that has been torn

Her beginning is like most from a small acorn of a seed she begins to sprout
Only a glimpse of what she will ultimately become shows in those early days
But one day her long stem like the legs of a shapely woman will be firm and supple

Time will pass and she will outgrow many of her family
She will be more popular and hold a special place
When selected for meaning in people’s lives

Like the moods of a woman her colors are varied
And carry with them the potential for an array of emotions
The deepness of meaning representing the well of life

Sometimes half full and sometimes half empty but always refreshing
Each color part of a spectrum and the bounty of feelings it can bring
The folds of her blossom are complicated and intricate yet delicate

From a distance she stands out to your eye, her beauty catching your breath
Her shapeliness recognizable on sight like a familiar friend, relative or lover
She is the flower among flowers

She is the rose

Andreas Simic©

2 comments on “She is the Flower Amongs the Flowers”

  1. Shobha Raman     September 2, 2017

    Flowers are beautiful your verses are soothing

  2. Andreas Simic     September 21, 2017

    As are your writings.

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