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The Silhouette©

Date Written: September 1, 2017

The Silhouette©

He awoke or so he thought
Parted the curtains of the room
The Caribbean sun rising
The warmth of the day enveloping him

In the distance a silhouette
Tall, shapely and slender
Even from here he could tell she was beautiful
As beautiful as the landscape that surrounded her

Was she all that he could imagine
Would she be kind and caring
Gentle with their children
Comforting arms within which to rest

He would envision them at the altar
Vows spoken in soft tones
As commitments were clearly stated
And friends and family present supported their union

Life would be filled with happy days
Some sad moments for sure
But they would tough these out together
No problem too large to solve for they stood as one

Their family would grow and blossom
One day their grandchildren they would cradle in their arms
They would age gracefully
Holding hands wherever they went

Celebrating a life full of love
Of respect for each other
That was the woman in the silhouette
The one of his dreams and the one he did wed

Andreas Simic©

3 comments on “The Silhouette©”

  1. Andreas Simic     September 1, 2017

    The inspiration for this came from watching my future wife
    far off in the distance and the possibilities that could ensue.

  2. Scott Tilson     September 1, 2017

    Great poem!

  3. Andreas Simic     September 1, 2017

    Thanks for the comment

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