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A Thought Dorothy Had at 11:24 P.M.

Date Written: September 12, 2017

Late last week, after Dorothy fell asleep,

A rain drop leaked from her ceiling onto her cheek.

And soon her mind was caught in a travelling thought,

One that she once knew well but then forgot:

     When was the last time I crossed the street?
     And what if on that day I was hit by a car,
     and knocked my head so hard i fell into a coma?
     And now I’m living in a dreamland conspiracy
     where everything is the same as reality,
     But with one exception:
     No one in my dream can change,
     They are stuck the way I knew them,
     But I am changing so much, and so fast.
     And what if I were to kill myself in dreamland–
     Something I am always too shy to try–
     Would I wake up in a moon white gown
     With everyone I know around
     And say, "you've all changed so much,"?
     And would I get to know them all again?
     Would I remember dreamland?
     Would I tell anyone?
     Would a normal person think this up?
     Am I abnormal?
     I should get to sleep.

So Dorothy thought up some cotton candy sheep,

And counted herself into a deep and dreamless sleep.

But she will have this same thought again next week,

Just like the rain from her ceiling, it will leak.

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