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Monster amuck

Date Written: September 27, 2017

Is that a vampire chewing on a rock? I ought to tell him you can't get blood out of a rock.


Did that werewolf just buy a razor and cream? I ought to tell him he is fighting endless plight.


Frankenstein in the Home Depot looking for WD-40? I ought to tell him just replace that hardware.


Theft at the corner pharmacy, mummy needs bandages? I ought to tell him just use some bed sheets it causes less damages.


Zombie chasing a caboose? I ought to tell him brains not trains.


Can that ghost really be a host? I ought to tell her she need a body.


Watch that witch, is she sweeping again? I ought to tell her that brooms for riding .


Lost his bridge did that troll? I ought to give it a phone with GPS.

Yo ho ho pirates lost his rum? I ought to hail him a ride.


Super hero cant locate  his/her cape? I ought to give them a plate of crapes.


Lazy bones skeleton? I ought to give him an appointment to a chiropractor.


That goblins a hobbling? I ought to give it a crutch.


 Knights armor lost its glamor? I ought to sell him a hammer.

One comment on “Monster amuck”

  1. Anonyma Magnifique     September 27, 2017

    …a great poem so funny and cleverly sublime…to appreciate it, one must read it several times…!! …a bandaged thumbs up LOL…!!

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