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Date Written: October 8, 2017

Torn into pieces.

Eaten by leaches.

This world will never change.

We look for greener grass.

But eventually we will crash.

Giving our own future in exchange.

For lies the media tells us.

Forgetting rationality giving into lust.

For power fortune and fame.

But when the last greens are spend,

The liquor and girls come to an end.

Who will remember your name?

Who buy your soul?

For promises of pleasure and gold.

Will you give in at the end?

Will you throw everything you got?

For the dream of a bigger lot?

Will you bow down to the enemy forgetting ur friend?

You will pay when doom arrives.

Pay for sitting back while others do your strives.

Spiders in the night will make you into a corpse.

Making you a living dead.

No heart, no soul, no head.

Slowly letting your own future be forced.

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