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Date Written: November 7, 2017


Everyday is a new day

Every morning a new start

Each awakening a new beginning

Each dreams ending, a new chapter

With every blink, with every breath

We change, day after day

Sometimes for the better

Or others not so much

With each chance that is taken

A thousand others pass us by

And in the weary noonday air

Past is the past and present present

Only the future is yet to be

So seize each dazed and cautious hour

Take each moment as a tale

Untold as yet, but soon by you

There is beauty everywhere

Gaze upon it hold it tight

Bare the truth, so cold and sure

To witness joy by close of day

The star are there when it is dark

And rainbows only shimmer in the quiet of the rain


Laugh and you will see

What each word can do

Speak kind words, open your heart

Have the courage to stay true to you

For that is who you are

There is nothing worse than fear

But even it is necessary

And hope has more power when its used

Strengthen others so they can strengthen you

Stronger together, stronger as one

Safe, so toil becomes a game

March on through the trying times

See the light, just out of reach

Keep going, the finish line’s in sight

Know the future is before you

And each journey starts with a single step (that you take, now!)

So all you have to do is breathe

Each breath, not always welcomed

Brought by the graceful breeze

Get up, go, go, out into the world

Begin your life anew today


And treasure the morning light

Each day is a new beginning

A new start, a chapter not begun

Hope is by your side now

So let its kindness fill your soul

Life is a road full of forks and bends

But the path is never clear nor easy

But its there, so why go back

Our eyes look forward for a reason

That’s where we’re going

Now and always after

Time can be lost but never found

And explanations are only worthy

If they can ease a troubled mind

Life is not just out there yonder

But within us, till we pass on

Our beating hearts and active minds

Form a statement, good and true

We are alive

So hadn't we better act like it?


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