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I’m Bae

Date Written: September 25, 2017

All the booze, all the kush, have me feeling array
Life is good like it should, life is a big party
247, like in heaven, everyday is our birthday
young and rich, this is bliss, this is it, i'm so bae
welcome the new money, milk and honey, I'm self made
God bless the child, I'm still wild, I'm God made
Haters beware, nothing is left to fear, do or say
come for me, follow me, honor me, success is in my way

crabs in the bucket but Sun shines in my pocket, I slay
You know the story, you know my glory, I'm here to stay
Never be boxed in, break the boxes and count less loses
countless blessings, know who this god is, boss of all bosses
In the midst of dark forces, I play
I'm blessed with these curses, I'm bae

melanin is right and richer, Sun shines in Africa, feel the heat
warm your soul, or lose your soul, Choose wisely! Life is sweet
Forgive your ignorance, learn, unlearn the learned, it's neo age
you know a lot, you know not, whats your use of knowledge?
I discombobulate the system, my euphoric eruption, Gods movement
and stories spread, butter on my daily bread, i'm the movement
I am the power, feel my aura, let me light your dark way
are you feeling me, feeling you, YES, success is in my way

mixed in the tricks of vanity, save my sanity, watch and pray
perfect harmony of imperfect man and his money, prices I pay 
echoes of me, the reflective narcissist, success is my nemesis
picture my metamorphosis, from my genesis, grand as Phoenix is
what a beauty, life is, I say
simply sophisticated, my life is, I'm Bae

One comment on “I’m Bae”

  1. comnpkpillai     September 25, 2017

    Sophisticated rather different in colours
    Contradictory like Phoenix and metamorphosis

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