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Date Written: September 14, 2017

Tell me, Brother, how wrong is the benevolent man in malevolent times?
Pac should know, I feel him, cos only God can judge me and my crimes
I am who I am. Know yourself! The devil fakes and lies but can't fool me
Stay strong, stay free and by any means necessary, Malcolm schooled me
So tell Mama, i'm on these streets, cos these institutions can't hold me
Bobby should know, I feel him, cos these pirates too robbed and sold me
Still I rise! Bless grandmother's soul. I'm armed with all she told me
God in me is strong in me. Thanks for the light Ma, I can face all boldly
Boldly I face hell, but I'm way too phenomenal to deal with the devil
and the evil that men do, I've seen most, heard most but I speak no evil.

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