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What is love to me?

Date Written: September 13, 2017

Love to me, is something that is deserved by everyone. Someone will always find love, even if they say they wont, or don't want too. Love is a way to have your partner learn about you, and too become more fond of you, and more attracted to you. It's a learning experience, but love can also be hard. Love is also a way to get hurt. It's a way to Break and Strengthen your mind and heart. It's not always perfection, or as good as someone wants it too be. It's a learning experience as wel. It's something there to grasp onto, and too hold for as long as it stays. It's something that everyone can experience and live for, and learn from. It's something you both break and take. To me, It's never that simple to say~ "We'll be together forever!" It's something you have to take precaution of. It's like when a Flower Blossoms into a Beautiful Color that has been freshly new, and sparkles under the light! But then as time passes, that Flower slowly starts to die. It's colors fade, and the once Beautiful Fower……. has had all of It's Peddales fallen off, and its color had faded, into a dead brown like color. But, slowly as more time passes, It's life cycle begins all over again. Things are menant to be destroyed and repaired. It's how love and life work. My Defintion of Love?……….

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