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Always Changing

Date Written: November 12, 2017

I look around, I look at you.

How do you look at this world?  How do you see me?

With those broken eyes, are we so different?

The stars in the sky weren't put there to tell us what to do,

but to show us who we are, to let us know that they are still there.

look at the sea constantly changing, like you and me…

why can't we spread our wings and fly? 

whats holding us down?  Are you broken, angry or hurt?

It doesn't matter, I wont tell you, that you didn't get it right.

You will grow, and you will change,

you'll be stupid and you'll be smart.

But in the days that you do happen to get it right, we are hear and we hear your cry's… 

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  1. Tyler Staley     November 12, 2017


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