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‘Ebullient Mind’

Date Written: October 20, 2017

'Ebullient Mind'

"Ebullient Mind"
Pink spring breeze grazes my cheeks
When will he come, I'm waiting for weeks
I remember you said those three words
Fulfil soft desires to enable spirit affords

I remember his ebullient sense of nonsense
Wisdom tooth started to decay commonsense
He loved me but did not listen to my complaint
I may be anything, but my love is sacred saint

His Ebullient touch is as light touches the blind
Eyes well seeing without finding fault but very kind
Once these moments are over, he looks as wandering mind
What will become of me in this bubbling breast of mankind

~~~~Jawahar gupta~~~

2 comments on “‘Ebullient Mind’”

  1. elvis sinatra     October 20, 2017

    truly amazing
    red hot & blazing!

    1. Jawahar Gupta     October 28, 2017

      Many Thanks Elvis

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