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Date Written: October 3, 2017

Late home we arrived

no maid for a month

leaving Bootz and Princess

up to their own devices

three doves recently massacred

arranged on the dinner table

in a line, ready to dine


One dove still twitched

under Bootz's paw which

he quickly obscures as 

he has leverage for the gifts

what love do we express

for their carnage?

after the disgust subsides,

laughter we break out in

for it was a strenuous day to abide


My home runneth over

with love, happiness and abundance

a plate you will find if weary

not to be declined ever

many-a-children happens to pass by

hearing the laughter and noise inside

hoping for a sense of belonging; a family

gardens are filled with nesting birds and

bugs for two cats to play endlessly,

questing for blood


Amidst the deluge of carnage

I duly decree that the

inner sanctums of my home created

as the foundation of Paradise

has the propensity to be lived in with

much love, happiness and abundance

for as long as we all shall live

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