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Date Written: October 8, 2017

Ten years ago to this day

we met, me weary from a long flight

young, ambitious and strong, he

extends his firm grasp only to

drown in pools of green, trying to

enunciate the right words to clasp

my heart strings with, the look of

 ‘love-at-first-sight he wore

If he only noticed the ring on my finger

I did not appreciate his gestures


We stayed friends after the ‘I’m-married’ talk

even if he strayed unintentionally with

his feelings from time to time

the distance kept him honest

We held onto our chosen trajectory

without ever straying, is how we maintained

our special, beautiful relationship


My marriage annulled, three years of pain

on a blissful no-brainer holiday : tranquil walks on the beach,

 dancing, dinner on the streets and too the casino

I went alone.


The Guy at the table considered himself lucky

what a fool I thought as lady-luck walked past,

all his funds were drained shortly thereafter,

having won my fair share

assessing his despair, with a tinge of laughter

I asked him for coffee.


Low and behold, it was him, I lament

with the weather turning inclement,

ice and sleet came down on us as we exit

two rather teenage-like imbeciles

went screaming and running to the Rover

Miles away from civilization, in a cabin

as the snow fell covering everything in

a thick white blanket, we kept on talking

This was a dream for sure!


Let’s admit that the remaining days

recovering from the storm of our lives

we spent as Lovers under the covers.


As we departed, the ache we felt then

having left our hearts in the cabin

saddened, I know now that I love You.

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