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Date Written: October 4, 2017

He waited in the rain

the Guy who was interviewed first

for the same job I did, at eighteen

not to rob him of his chances

he was perfection personified-

a beautiful smile he wore,

blonde hair, blue eyes that would

envelope and warm you from the downpour

If only we didn’t have the Group Areas Act

the enforced segregation of the races,

I would pace to him with arms outstretched


In his defense, he never saw me as color,

as he stood defiant and waited with valor

my interview done, poker face, sizing up

the other and grinning uncontrollably

Me, wondering if he would get the job

and him, gazing at my blue suit and wet curvature

his current preoccupation was out the rain and

into his umbrella, small enough for one,

as an overture, to share.


If either of us were unsuccessful, what then?

In the army he would have to enlist

a requiem quickly I say in earnest,

that the army rejects his tryst

that being a fool’s errand as

I clearly see him a decorated

 Captain with several Purple Hearts

the first awarded for: saving my wet parts


Our day concluded in serendipity

our epiphany; accidentally in love

The job I did get over him

and incidentally declined

to save my Captain from the

misconception that there is

‘Honor in Dying for your Country’


A love pariah I have become

so sing Mariah ‘In my life, there’s been heartache and pain..

I want to know what love is…’

as I ruminate over Henry.

2 comments on “LOVE PARIAH”

  1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     October 4, 2017

    Lovely poem—
    Wonderful write—
    Excellent share Jessica !!

    1. JessicaMars     October 4, 2017

      Thank you I write about that which I lack in experience so for those who can’t love, write right? I love the appreciation

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