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Date Written: September 27, 2017

Listen, my aching heart, to the

soliloquy of pain I write  

not for monetary gain but

this is how I will redeem my

Godforsaken soul from the

requiem of a life lived in pain

to survive the vicissitudes at any cost

before cadency is lost

for forgiveness is the alchemy to releasing

my trapped yearnings 


I see two stars close

almost toughing when the

school bus approaches

as the blushing hues of

dawn fast encroaches

I kiss him quickly goodbye

without embarrassing my little man

in front of his class


Rheumy eyes look yonder at the two stars

and wonder  ‘Will they ever touch?’

Will I walk this earth

since birth as a singularity?

for I don’t match anyone in polarity!

Sadly, as the day ends

to my empty bed I retreat

my questions skeet to the wind

forgotten, like the sands of the desert


I understand my world now,

piece by piece,

I stitch together a life

from the rubric of maturity that

lies in the basis that I must live

and accept that the rest lies in:

Can I look up at the stars and wonder or

Can I look up at the millions of stars as

opportunities to ponder!

2 comments on “WONDER”

  1. River.Ophelia     September 28, 2017

    beautiful introspection here Jessica

    “for forgiveness is the alchemy to releasing my trapped yearnings” – very nice line

    thanks for the share

  2. JessicaMars     September 28, 2017

    Ophelia – Forgiveness is a gift I never received, I cannot forgive and yet I know I must if I am going to carve out a life worthy to be lived. Writing these poems is my way of forgiving and its time for me to heal…Thank you

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