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mirror of the third?

Date Written: November 10, 2017



And no one can deny

That love is more tedious than lies

Seeing the mirror of the third

When fearing time's cries

Creates behaviour a mind can't stir.


I have slowed in my swagger to find

That death cannot ever ride

The waves of its occidental sea

The nut-strewn road and its cavalry

Refine lust and its plans.


Coins in hands work for a life

And regal banks are sworn

Dead by a majesty of man-and-wife

This thurible holds intense

Incense; so too, starved tears


Weep from their command.

A mute space sears the bent.

Cities are altogether shent

And no-one can deny

That love is more tedious than lies.


The fo'csle inside this brain

Must swear till death dies.



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