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Seeking for Something Greater

Date Written: October 10, 2017

Flying over a river,
Watching out for your prey.
Feeling so utterly limber,
What can you actually say?

A massive swarm of magnificant fish,
But can they even see the stars?
All of them will barely miss,
To avoid giving imminent scars.

You see the masquerade approaching.
Will you help, or do you need coaching?
Allas you turn away from the flames,
You won't participate in the games.

Turning back over the mountain,
You see heavenly creatures in a fountain.
Above the clouds. looking bravely at you,
They wll not hesitate, that is true.

And in the end of the fire,
There's always a place of desire.
You stop being the curious dove,
When you find the only true love.

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