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The Forgotten

Date Written: October 2, 2017

Do you remember me?

No.  I think not.

How could you?

I factor not in the seconds that you live.

My senses, my heart, you successfully deceived.

Time and time again,

I endured a never-ending pain.

Now I scream at you from the darkness.

I will always be a splinter in your mind.

The pang of guilt resting in your conscience.

And know this, I will rebound.

I will be famous. 

And everywhere you look,

I will find happiness.

And you will look upon me with distress.

You will fill the emptiness I felt,

When you deserted me.

You who I called my friend.

You who I called brother.

You who I called sister.

Why did you falter,

When I needed you the most?

I will make you remember.

I reside in darkness for now,

But it won’t be forever.

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