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Spring Deception

Date Written: September 29, 2017

Spring Deception

By : Kiara S. Themes

I can remember that fluorescent spring day that we met

The faint scent of honey suckles filled the air

I set on the park bench as I watch you stare

You had a look in your eyes that would melt the strongest piece of Kevlar

And I never been in love so I wanted you I needed you to teach me

I thought to myself how that lesson would be so enlightening

As you approached me my heart rate felt as if it was going at the speed of lighting

Then finally

You spoke to me

In the sweetest colloquial dialect

You made me feel like I was at the top of the tallest edifice

Your words were convincing and nice

So I thought to myself


Let this didactic of love begin

Months passed and the love was not strong enough to move tons of bricks of  future resentments

Resentments I knew that I may gain from my disarray or thoughts being torn apart

I held our love in my heart

Stuffed away like a coffer

Lock and sealed

With a cerebration that no one or nothing could hold that key

That would release our love

It seems to no longer be proven truth to this

Your disputatious actions proved me so

Your colloquial words no longer had the power to edify me

The butterflies in my stomach turned into a effervescent feeling

A feeling that is present because I know now of you mistress

Knowing this it would take a echelon of men to keep me from striking you

But yet I chose to evade confrontation

Because it was my fault I let my naive heart become an electorate for your deceit

You are a charlatan of my heart blinding with lies

Now the blindfolds are off

I see

But now I am completely obliterated and at the elite of wisdom

So you can keep your apology

You will get no Acception

Its time to emancipate myself from this spring deception.

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