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The fall

Date Written: October 17, 2017

Filled with nerves and fear

My crew behind me for support and a gentle push

I step out through the curtain and into the blinding light

Cheerful music, bright colors, and a boisterous crowd




I step toward the ring and look up

A warm smile with an outstretched hand

Beckoning toward the sky


I remove my cape.


I reach for the first rung on the shiny metal ladder in front of me




Each step becomes easier

Adrenaline and excitement driving me higher

Propelling me forward

I reach the platform and marvel at the view

New fluttering in my stomach gives me pause

But looking out across the open air

Is the friendliest face I’ve seen in quite some time

I’m mesmerized


Renewed and energized

Are you ready?


Reaching out for the bar in front of me

I tighten my grip, close my eyes, take a deep breath



The rush of air on my face is amazing

Feeling almost weightless

I open my eyes to see that friendly face again

Something in those eyes is both exhilarating and calming at once

I sense strength and safety immediately

My mind and body both relax

Swinging back and forth

My eyes locked on those friendly eyes

Lost in those eyes

In the depth of those eyes

Feeling more free than I’ve felt in years

A new set of arms outstretched

Feeling ready for another rush

Another high

Ready to release into these arms

And feel safe again


Another deep breath

And I let go

I reach out


Suddenly a shift

I feel gravity

The outstretched arms are moving away

Swinging away


I’m falling


Looking up, wind rushing past my body

Watching my intended target shrink away

Losing sight of the friendly face

Losing sight of those eyes


Frightened and confused

Faster I fall

Until suddenly a jolt

Rope against my skin

I’m bouncing back upwards

And back I fall again


I’ve hit the net

Body sore from the impact

Mind sore from the fall


I lie here

Bouncing slowly

Up and down

Body motionless

Eyes open

Wondering what happened

How I got here


Where is my cape?

One comment on “The fall”

  1. River.Ophelia     October 18, 2017

    intense ride
    I loved it

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Image The fall Filled with nerves and fearMy crew behind me for support…
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