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The Journeys End

Date Written: September 18, 2017



He stares hopefully into the bleak nothingness of the horizon hoping and praying to be saved.

The sharks start to circle.

They are no fools.

Apex predators for a reason.

They sense the stench of death and will happily take an easy meal.

Is there a way out, a way forward or backwards even?

Hope. Faith. Empty words. Emptier than his starved gut.

He was once a great and powerful leader but now this gaunt shell of a man festers in the cold drizzle as certain death approaches.

Overconfidence, negligence and blindness lead him here. 

The belief he was master and commander, in charge of his own destiny is but a myth.

He's sold himself short and still the inevitable creeps slowly towards him while his absent mind drifts and flashes with what could have been.

Laughter and pain. Years of living for something, someone.

He had it all. The world was at his feet but in a heartbeat it all withers into insignificance like ashes from flames.

His final fleeting thoughts of glory, passion, fame and fortune. The good old days. 

He knows they will never return but holds on to his loving memories.

The sharks close in.

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