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Just a cut or a lie

Date Written: September 5, 2017

Just a lie,
Just a truth,
"What with the words?"
Just a way,
Just a destiny,
Sorrows and miseries, 
"What was that?"
Love and pain, 
Why, you can't sleep,
When it's too late, 
And let it go.
Just an excuse, 
Just a blame,
"Broken into pieces?"
Just a tear,
Just a scream,
Crawling in the middle,
Between all the troubles.
"Why with the life?"
Or a tear, or a lie,
Until you die.
Just a cut,
Just a scratch,
Until the wound heals.
Faded leaves, 
Completely lost shadows. 
Completely lost soul, 
Just a journey,
Or Untravelled paths, 
Just a Desire, 
Or just a flickering fire,
Just a trickling edges.
Just a truth, 
just a cut or a lie, 
Until you die. 

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