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I Look To You

Date Written: October 24, 2017



I look to you in Autumn's merge with the climax of love

for the fragrance of scented leaves in the trees

I look to you in the quaint forest all alone

with the howling of owls in the distance

through the epitaph of braised neglect you are there

perched in the hands of loving hearts pierced through the fallen hue

quaint encounters on the porch swing by the Willow tree

you are the humble reminder of what true love is for

the notion of a vested solace hanging on the rich decorum


although at times and moments you may shy away yet you are there

aware in the twilight of fragmented choice

we may wallow in the mire of sweet extacy yet we humbly agree

I look to you cause we were both meant to be

all of life seems to be a mystery it seems

never before has my soul permeate through a glass menagerie

of the fallen leaves quaint but yet so dead

what is going on inside my head


I look to you across the hands of time

nestled through the mere vibration of brevity

in shallow peaks throughout the conclaves of death door resolve

as we climb the steps of time only to finally reach heavens door

lest I implore a more simpler way for my heart to display

beauty as in crystalized nuggets of time well spent in thought

I look to you in the morning fresh on the grass fallen dew

one can't ever know until you let go

in lavender decadance along the surface of the outdoor perimeter

basking in the vast expanse between space and time

as a beacon of light in a world in search of love

shelter lies dormant amidst its beckoning plough

a challenge to be free is a question of time

we have come this close never to turn back now

love is the essence of my mere existence learn to shun the resistance in every circumstance

until at last we all will take part in the dance

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