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Tell It Like It Is

Date Written: October 31, 2017



Again I wake in this wretched place
Where the devil glares with grimaced face
Reading my heart, stripping it bare
Savoring the scent of the secrets there
I'm slipping and sliding, the ice too thin
Carefully creeping, lest I fall in
I'm holding on tight with a white knuckle grip
Knowing he waits, for the moment I slip

And just as before, the first time I fell
He stood at the ready, casting a spell
Quick as a wink, he swiftly swooped in
Leading me down his pathway of sin

Dashing and daring, he's handsome and strong
He tied me in strings; then led me along
His clutch was so quick, I had nowhere to run
From the cold calculation, he fancies as fun
He baits a fine trap, with flattery and fawn
Seeking the weak to use as his pawn
Once I was trapped, caught in his snare
I was twisting and turning, gasping for air

He's a devil disguised, with eyes of deep blue
But nothing he says is faithful or true
So ladies beware, he's cold as a snake
And the treasure he offers, is gaudy and fake

But this time I stand strong, I'm adept to his game
Won't be fooled by his charms or bullied by shame
I'm squaring my shoulders, I'm calling his bluff
A lesson hard learned, and enough is enough
I say…bring it on you sly devil, this time you'll be beat
I'm wise to the tricks of a liar, a cheat
You can't take my heart, I've locked it away
Now…I am the slayer and you are the prey

So stare if you must, you'll have no affect
The passion in me, you can't resurrect
Your whispers fall dead, like leaves on a grave
You'll have none of me, or the homage you crave

May you lie there twisting, kicking up dust
With your mind full of soot and your heart full of rust
I've broken the chains that have long held me down
I picked up the mirror and turned it around
So, just look at yourself, you're sordid, unclean
There's nothing to you, behind the smokescreen
Smoke and mirrors together is a dangerous pair
They'll make you believe in what's really not there

The laugh is on you, cause I've learned your game
And the favor you seek, you'll never reclaim
I'm no more the victim, of your wretched deceit
And the armor I wear, you'll never defeat

One comment on “Tell It Like It Is”

  1. Lora Colon     October 31, 2017

    A most enjoyable poem. The message and the rhyming were superb. You did an excellent job.

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