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Date Written: October 14, 2017

Written: July 6, 2017 Time: 09:24




Verse 01


It seems lately the lyrics are escaping me

I used to produce them out monthly in 1s, 2s and 3

It sure isn’t a lack of content, I have plenty of feelings in me

A lyricists out of words goes against all logic!


And it’s not like a rock/metal to rap medium should make it hard

It’s a similar process

Raw honest emotion straight from the heart

I just wonder if I could ever be as great as they say

Random prophets walking up to me all my whole life

It’s supernatural and kind of strange


Coming up on the path to 28

I just want a chance to shine

To make something of this life this far into the game!




Don’t forget about from where you started

If I ever get the chance to be someone I won’t squash it!

All these older but still younger pups like me

Barely or mid-way peeking into their 30s


Names like Avril Lavigne, Amy Lee and Lindsey Stirling

If I ever make 10 million plus dollars a year my family

Will never again be wanting, needing or hurting!




Verse 2


Back in the 1st-8th grade kids saw me as a curious anomaly

Like I was a Martian strange

Makin fun of what they couldn’t understand they scoughed and

Said my future would never gage to anything

Just gothic dreams and emo pain


Now I see their prophecy’s coming through, it’s awfully strange

The universe did a switch-a-roo

I would never hope for any pain on anyone or anything

But it’s kind of gratifying to see the ones who called me out sink and

Watch my own self rise above from the brink






High point


You want to judge me for the little petty confetti like

Loving my dolls an…

Kicking bats I'm strange an…

Kicking your glass with these lyrical acrobats, tha

Quiet ones are the ones with tha

Sharpest of teeth and the loudest of guns

You, better learn before you’re schooled before you’re made a fool an…

Before someone has to teach you, better back down

Before this gets out of control, I've

Only ever wanted to be left alone

I stay at home to avoid every scenario and situation

And devastation where someone’s heart was destroyed


I have so much to say

So much to lay, so

You keep up your rage

You keep up your hate

Tell me my lines are too long

It’s only because your short scoped minds capacity is fraid

An I KNOW who the ones are that stand beside me an

Who the assassins are that come up from behind me I

Can smell your bs a mile away without a doubt

Man, fakes, I’ll shoot ‘em all down!!!


You better remember your genesis

The only reason as you are you exist

I have to bend these phrases backwards

So you can for ward ly reminisce


I don’t EVER want to fall for you or your lies and lines









Verse 3


I AM somebody!

If I fall I will rise like a phoenix

Again and again for infinite 1000 times



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