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Burned Too Hot

Date Written: October 1, 2017


You burned too hot.

Sliced the darkness and saw things no one should ever see.

But what you didn’t discover,

Did not uncover,

Is the ultimate secret:

You are not alone;

You were never alone.


It’s cold outside.

The wind cuts through me, and my heart froze when I found out.

My tears turn to ice midair,

Someone stops to stare.

Still I have to wander on.

I feel so alone.

Did you feel that alone?


You burned so bright.

Blinded all of us with that overpowering mind.

I will miss that chagrined smile

And mental sparring.

Yet I am so, so sorry

That love was not enough,

No, not even enough.

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Image BURNED TOO HOT  You burned too hot.Sliced the darkness and saw things no…
by mkmangold
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