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to my love

Date Written: October 27, 2017


Your mind

Grows to be void of thoughts

Of my existence

Only the click-click-clicking of the keyboard remains

All the words that you said have begun to fade

Into laughter,

Tinkling, draining out

Echoing throughout the glade

But yet the humming of your heart remains


The inside of my head

Sloshes side to side

The ocean’s waves are reckless,

With endless beating

Thumping, thrashing

Stumbling, losing footing.


Paper butterflies

Wings crumpled,

Thrown away like yesterday’s trash.

The heart that weeps for one

Will weep tears, glistening like roses.


Eulogy of tomorrow’s sea.

“Good morning, goodbye.”

Rings out, swiftly, singing.

The curtain hangs from its post

Swinging, swaying,

The pendulum whispers its last.

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