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Souls Wake

Date Written: October 24, 2017

As I walk, as I wake, every moment seems like it pushes into the next, every second lingers for an eternity. The pain never fades, it's only hides behind my inner turmoil and desire to push through to the other side. I will forever search for happiness, with heart on my arm, carelessly wandering through the ages, living and breathing but never believing, not until I find you again. For you are me, my deep down desire not only to be alive, but to live. To push limits and create an existence where I am able to wander into the night, head held high, knowing, believing and seeing, that I lived, loved and let go.

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  1. sunburned     October 24, 2017

    Awesome. flowing

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Image Souls Wake As I walk, as I wake, every moment seems like…
by Nick O'Shea
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