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Pio’s Sonnet – III

Date Written: September 16, 2017

Take this heart, this permanent moon,
formed in a winter’s desert; furl this flag
that beats in the round silence of your
absence like a wave lost on dry land,
that wanders far, from its beloved sea.
Butterfly skeletons now sleep beneath
the snow. The damage lies there! Among
the frozen wings. When you left my love was
spilled upon the earth. Now all is silence and
black snow.
There are no birds, no flowers, no sun, no trees,
and the rivers and streams, frozen. The world
has dressed in cold. And I, am a broken bell with
tattoos on my soul. This bell, still wants to sing.
It’s not too late. So, please stop this wandering.
Let’s silence, what thunders in the space between us.
Come home; bring back the sun. And with a single kiss,
melt this eternal winter.

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