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My Confession..

Date Written: September 14, 2017

This is a confession I want to share, a confession that possibly hundreds if not thousands may read, but only designed for one unique person..
I've known you for so long, yet I don't know you at all..
Your so close to me, yet your so far and only getting farther…
My mind is so full of things right now, but I still think about you more then anything else day after day after day..
I want to be the first reason your smile illuminates the world during the day and the last reason your golden smile makes the world a better place at night..
I want to one day make your heart skip a beat when you see my name, just like when I see yours..
I want to wrap my arms around the light of my sun, my world, my universe, my everything, and make you feel the warmth of a passionate significant other..
I want to be that blessing that god will give you that after all you've been threw, you deserve..
I want to be the one to spoil you for the rest of your life for no reason just to make you happy and just to see your smile..
I want you to be out during the day and close your eyes and see me and smile because I'm still burning in your heart..
I want reach deep down and touch the deepest part of your soul just as you do mine..
I want to tell you all this…so bad…but I know that you won't care or won't feel the same..
Wether on Instagram or Snapchat, I see you and I just want to say "you mean so much to me", but I feel like it wouldn't matter..
Even though every time I see you, you literally tell me to take action, I..just can't..
Maybe you'll read this, maybe you won't. 
All I know is…I've never been so afraid to step into a new world..even if that world is just as beautiful as an Egyptian kingdom

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