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Love Guides Us

Date Written: October 12, 2017


As people who know what it means,

For having a fear of the Lord;

I try to urge those as it seems,

Tending to let it be ignored.


God already knows what we are,

And hope you also know as well;

For being His own shining star,

At long last in Heaven to dwell.


I want not a pat on the back,

Or consider showing some pride;

Just trying to give those who lack,

The reasons that they must abide.


Then you can answer who are proud,

Having them look in the mirror;

How their arrogance is too loud,

Turned into a sinful error.


So if I appear as crazy,

It is all because of the Lord;

But it shows I am not lazy,

How much He is loved and adored.


I hope you see the love of Christ guides,

I am convinced about that fact;

That everyone who abides,

His life and death has an impact.


So everyone who has died,

Comes back to eternally live;

When Jesus returns for His bride,

Those repented God will forgive.


So from now on we do not think,

Anyone from an earthly view;

We thank God what we eat and drink,

Because the Gospel we construe.


Whoever is a believer,

Is a new creation in Christ;

And has become a receiver,

Of salvation has sacrificed.


Sacrificing of their old way,

How they had lived has disappeared;

No longer will they go astray,

Because Jesus Christ is revered.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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