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Date Written: November 13, 2017


The One who has spirits and stars,

The seven that belong to God;

Has deleted all of your scars,

If your faith will honor and laud.


For He does know what you have done,

You are known for being alive;

But you are dead until the Son,

Finally returns to revive.


Be alert and strengthen the things,

That are left and about to die;

He has seen what your pleasure brings,

So just leave the sleeping dogs lie.


Think of what you received and heard,

Obey and change the way that you think;

Do daily study in His Word,

No longer take any strong drink.


If you are not staying alert,

He will be coming like a thief;

Then He will be causing you hurt,

Because of your lack of belief.


You do not know the time of day,

It just might be during the night;

And He will smite you since you stray,

Being a disgrace in His sight.


But you do have a few people,

Who have been keeping their clothes clean;

And are studying the Gospel,

Knows exactly what it does mean.


They will walk with robes that are white,

For they are deserving of it;

With a glory that will shine bright,

Because of all their good merit.


God will never erase their names,

Appearing in the Book of Life;

The Lord God Almighty proclaims,

Honor them for enduring strife.


The Father will acknowledge them,

Letting all who have ears to hear;

That the Lord will never condemn,

Those with a confession sincere.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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