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Date Written: October 24, 2017

Horses all dressed in white approach me in my dreams. 

They are the riders of death.

They approach me, one abreast…two abreast….calling and telling me, that it is time. 

Time to go to this unknown world.

My minds tell me this is the end, but still  I am awakened. 

My body aches from the pain it is suffering.

I tell myself " I am ready,I am not afraid to die".

Everthing around me is moving…changing. 

So much like a dream… like a rudderless boat…sailing on the oceans of hopelessness.

I yearn for the tide that will bring me back on solid ground.

But all around me are the angry waves, tossing and turning my boat of life, almost drowning me, into that dark, deep sea,

where all is lost forever.

I cling to the now flimsy branch of life, which hangs from a dilapidated ceiling of hope, with a broken foundation,

built from years of sacrafice and hard work.

I stand helpless, as I see these images, crumble before my very eyes.

All life is going now, all hope slowly buried. 

Life goes slower and slower, into an eternal slumber, 

and like a peaceful shawl, it all covers and buries me,

with all my images …forever!


Dedicated to the controversial topic of "Dying with Dignity."


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