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Dark Row of Horrors

Date Written: September 15, 2017

Trees like dark coal whimpering white ghostly
bare dull lifeless Life's cruel wicked costly
Chattered teeth hearing the sound's
He shifted so close desirable
( tasty mounds)
The stranger  Billy don't B fool joker
  Dark-love complicated Damn it Choke her
Deep-house music strangled rope  seated,
Did someone touch a nerve dead-beat Harvest-hair
Trembling through your  Rocking Chair
It's still rocking and speaking
Elevated you deadly crumb's of a row
Blood was dripping
Someone's eyes pop-out fixated 
Dark brain felt polluted foggy white chalked

All women Stalk just walk let's I phone

Horrors crept 
You were being watched EYE'S stalked

She needed to talk
Rows and Rows Cosmic dark Gothic
Webs caught in webs black tears
Being followed drawn in face hallowed
Loud drips from the sink discolored
Wrinkled Hand's Slime Sticky
 Your long neck Nasty tricky
Rocky-Road Ice, Emerald city eye's melt
into his poppy,
He's no lover of mine cheaply

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  1. azzow2     September 15, 2017

    The eerie are my favorite. I have watched dozens of horror films always watching for the idea that is hard to twist in your mind. I found a couple that are profound one was on Elvira present ( The attack of the killer tomatoes) The other and has to be the most eeriest of all films is (The faces of death 1,2,&3)

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