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Moonlight on the Tasman Sea

Date Written: October 16, 2017

The sun has set, she’s gone to sleep
And now the darkness begins to seep
I look out on the harbour, and what do I see?
A full moon rises; lighting up the Tasman Sea.

A thousand dark sapphires set in white gold
The wonder I feel, never grows old
A benevolent face so suddenly peeks
As though wanting to know what it is, I seek.

I look into his eyes, filled with such kindness
Light cascades all around me; all else is blindness
As I gaze into that face, what I seek I find there
A love so sweet and tender; it strips all pretense bare.

I stand on the shore; a voice calls me by name
I see my ‘True love’; his face is the same
That face in the moon I had so longed to see;
Reflected the moonlight on the Tasman Sea.

Written by Siona Robertson (nee Effield)
Copyright 2008

One comment on “Moonlight on the Tasman Sea”

  1. Spiritual Honey 108     October 16, 2017

    Good poetic expression. Well done.

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