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The Day Canberra Burned

Date Written: October 16, 2017


It seems so long ago, January 18th 2003

And it started just like any other day

But we were gripped by drought, one of the worst in history

We could only have faith God sent the rain our way.


El Nino had taken hold of this, our proud nation

We’d been through drought before, but none like this

We had to save our water, to keep reservoirs from depletion

A situation none could ever miss.


That Saturday morning was rather quite mild

But steadily became hot and dry

Hot westerly winds blew and gusted wild

As if to herald a storm would pass us by.


It happened late afternoon; the sky went suddenly dark

An eerie twilight had fallen like a shroud

The firestorm had moved through Namaji National Park

The sun was an orange disc behind the smoky cloud.


This day is etched deep in my memory, as I watched the houses burn

I couldn’t escape for fear of flying embers

I panicked, then remembered the only One to whom I could turn

Praying for myself and my fellow community members.


God must have heard and answered for here I stand today

Yet the whole terrible event still seems to me, surreal

It was almost like I was standing beside myself that day

The unreality of something that was very real.


At the peak of my distress, I thought it was the end

But God had other ideas and plans for me

And though the reason why, I still don’t understand

Deep down inside I know, in Him, I’m free.


So no matter what happens from now on

Whether feast or famine, hard times or not

I’ll remember the day that Canberra burned

And hold on to faith the most precious thing I’ve got.


ÓCopyright 2003


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