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Understanding The Beast.

Date Written: October 22, 2017


What is this beast which lies within both forms?
When it arises it can destroy all the norms;

Emotional layers of our onion in time peel away,
Exposing new vulnerabilites to our dismay;

This beast that we see is our pain body awakening,
Its violent unleash can be raw and quite frightening;

The beast may explode to attack those around it,
The beast may implode on itself that it's hit;

Be not mistaken, the beast lies in everyone,
It can be lash out like a punch or asp tongue;

Watch when it's sneaky and turns on yourself,
Putting you down or telling you to exit life's shelf;

If you don't hear it, it can give your body illness,
So master your beast, keep your heart-mind in stillness;

To master this life you must understand your beast,
Then you can receive all of life's happy feasts.

One comment on “Understanding The Beast.”

  1. River.Ophelia     October 22, 2017

    deep and profound
    I will ponder this more…

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