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The Pink Pearl

Date Written: October 1, 2017

The Pink Pearl


I learned forgiveness in 4th grade.


A few strokes of the soft pink end of my pencil

dissolved any mark the pointed end created.

Wrong answers turned to dust.


Then I discovered the Pink Pearl.

Softer, more effective.

Large enough to grip firmly,

small enough for a watch pocket.

Never dried or hard like

the ones at the end of the #2 pencil.


I recently introduced my daughter to

this evolved redeemer.

We pictured our lives

corrected by Pink Pearls.

Erasing our miscalculations.

Inserting better solutions.


What would our lives be like now?

Would we still be sitting at her desk

erasing incorrect answers.


Could one Pink Pearl redraw

the trajectory of that pass I threw

behind a wide-open receiver

sure to score the winning touchdown?


Recalculate leaving New York or San Francisco,

the career changes?  

Would it take an Armada of Pink Pearls?

Destroyers, Aircraft Carriers and Supply Ships

floating through my past, sinking bad decisions.


Now I get to unroll the scrolls

of my explorations.

Teach her to listen to

the soft voice inside.


Silent radar signaling the

danger of that brilliant angelfish

gliding through fluorescent coral

just before transforming into a mine.


Perhaps she’ll avoid the need for a Pink Pearl.

Maybe just a little John Boat trolling

the swamps of some dingy decisions.



Steve Huddleston 9/2015

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Image The Pink Pearl The Pink Pearl I learned forgiveness in 4th grade. A few strokes…
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