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Date Written: October 14, 2017



What we think of failure

It’s not easy to accept it for sure

However failure is a great teacher

It teaches how things can be mended in future

What good is anxious mulling over by gone –past

Look ahead to the challenging future vast

How sad it is to get defeated despite winning ability

However at first we should accept defeat with dignity

No victory no failure is perpetual

It is a stepping stone for the success actual

It is an opportunity to introspect objectively

We can march ahead with preparations thoroughly

Failure is neither humiliation nor insult

We could weigh the pros and cons of the result

Count the factors that went against you despite efforts best

Next time our efforts need not go waste

Remember you alone are not responsible for defeat

There are many contributors when we take on any feat

Defeat is an event in any competition

It is a blunder to let down your ambition

Defeat does not reflect your true potential or competence

Keeping self-esteem high, strive for excellence

Think! You’ve lost only battle

War is not over, scores you’ve to settle

Bear in mind, you’ve given your best

Your grit, plan and actions won’t go waste

Defeat and victory are part and parcel of the contest

So show sportsmanship  in good taste

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