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Date Written: September 1, 2017


I, am happy,

Yet why do I, feel lonely?

I, who sits there in the library with them, wonder.

Who are they? Are they my friends?

Or are they just classmates?

Classmates, who talks to me.


I, who is by their side,

Am not who they wish was there.

I, who is constantly trying to catch up to them,

Am only a temporary replacement for someone else.

I, who is hoping to help a friend,

Am not the one they trust.


But I, who is not their friend,

Am afraid of being abandoned.

Because I, who is always trying,

Am not able to meet their expectations.

I, who is there,

Am insignificant.

2 comments on “Friends”

  1. Andreas Simic     September 2, 2017

    I who like this poem

  2. For the love     September 2, 2017

    Your username is cleverly humble. Makes me smile.

    I love this piece. It speaks to me on a level in which I can relate. Thank you for your naked honesty. Beautiful.

    ~ Leslie

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